fletcher watson



Ideally suited to those artists who sit to paint.

The box has three dished wells in the lid and includes a removable tray with a further three mixing areas in the box together with a large flat flap.

The box includes 20 divisions for either tube colour or solid pans.

Measures 8.5” by 5.5” by 1” deep and weighs approx 16ozs




This box is used by Charles Reid from USA and also Trevor Chamberlain and David Curtis. The latter two artists use the version without the flap previously called the Binning Munro Box.

The box has three dished wells in the lid and a further three mixing areas in a removable tray. There are 12 divisions for tube colour or solid pans and a further four divisions for tube colour adjacent to the thumb hole. This box is suitable for hand holding.

There is two varieties of this box one without the flap and one with a removable flap. Remember to add removable flap on order page, if required.

Measures 9.5” by 4” by 1” deep and weighs approx 14ozs

the paint box



The box resembles the old Roberson box as used by many professionals including John Yardley, who prefers a compact box with deep mixing wells.

The box has two deep mixing wells in the lid and a further two deep wells in the flap There are two additional flat flaps for stiff mixes.

The box can be supplied with or without a thumb hole holding 12 or 16 colours respectively. Note the 16 pan version is the most popular because the box is easily held across the corner.

You will have the option to add a thumb ring on the order page.

Measures 5.5” by 3.75” by 1” and weighs 12ozs

the large paint box



This is a larger version of the PAINTBOX and measures 8” by 4” by 1” and weighs 16ozs.

This box has 6 deep wells, three in the lid and three in the flap and a further two flat flaps.

the pocket box



The Pocket Box will take both half pans or tube colours. It is made entirely from brass .

The box includes a water bucket which slides over the box when closed.

The box takes 16 colours and includes personalized initials on its lid.

Measures 3.25” by 2.75” by 1” deep

the pocket box



This box is a new addition. It is same external dimensions as the Pocket box except it is deeper to accommodate the dished well in the lid.

The box still fits easily into a pocket and has the benefit of two deep mixing areas together with a flat flap.

It takes 16 colours and includes a thumb ring. It is available in the 5 external colours.